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Martin Brower Dickson Achieves ISO 14001 Certification

Global quick-service distributor -- Martin Brower utilizes environmental management system in pursuit of zero waste
Rosemont, IL – Jan 4, 2013: The Martin-Brower Company, L.L.C. is proud to announce that its Dickson,
TN distribution center has achieved ISO 14001 certification. The Dickson operation is the 14th US
Martin Brower operation to be ISO 14001 certified demonstrating Martin Browerʼs environmental

Brian Hancock, President, Martin Brower North America, said, “Sustainability is high on our priorities at
Martin Brower. All of our operations are required to follow Martin Browerʼs environmental management
system, which enables us to reduce the carbon footprint of the products we deliver while
simultaneously reducing both our costs and our impact on the environment. The ISO 14001 external
audits ensure we are measuring our progress and keep us on task to continuously deliver greater
reductions in green house gas emissions.”
The company wide environmental management system has allowed Martin Brower to identify waste
reduction opportunities and energy efficiency measures to reach its goals of zero waste and
continuous green house gas emission reductions.
“Martin Brower has taken the industry lead in best environmental practice,” comments Cem Onus, of
DEKRA Certification, Inc. By adopting environmental standards, companies like Martin Brower will
gain competitive advantage and protect the brands of the product they distribute, since consumers
increasingly demand the highest ethical standards in an age of rising raw material prices and concern
for the environment. We encourage all supply chain operations to become ISO 14001 certified.”
Martin Brower Dickson General Manager, Wendy Egli, said, “The external audits and continuous
improvement aspects of ISO 14001 assisted me in driving Martin Browerʼs environmental
management system into all aspects of our operations in Dickson. Itʼs been a tremendous tool to
harness the enthusiasm by the entire team in meeting our sustainability efforts and the certification
confirms our progress.”