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Reyes Executives Urge Employees, Suppliers to Avoid Pay-to-Play

In the wake of the ruling, executives from Reyes Beverage Group — another wholesaler with multiple beer distributor operations in California, Virginia, Chicago, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland and Washington D.C. — asked employees and suppliers to avoid and report all illegal marketplace activities.
Excepts, penned by Reyes Holdings’ co-chairmen Christopher and Jude Reyes, Director David Reyes and COO Ray Guerin, are included below.
“Beer distributors throughout the country, including every RBG company, are issued federal and state licenses to distribute alcoholic beverages,” read the letter. “Holding these licenses is not a right, but rather a privilege, which privilege is conditioned on operating within the law. Without these licenses, our companies would be forced to immediately cease all operations. We, as well as your local RBG leaders, are well aware that these types of practices are not isolated to Massachusetts, and are prevalent in many of our territories. We understand that you may receiving pressure from your customers, or even our suppliers, to engage in such activity. You may have even received threats of losing business if you do not match “deals” offered by competitors.”
“We anticipate, and even hope, that other state agencies will follow the lead of the Massachusetts ABCC in penalizing illegal activity. If and when this happens, we are confident that RBG will be on the right side of the law.” 
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  • February 26, 2016