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Following the unprecedented suspension of the Sheehan's Craft Brew Guild's distributor license in Massachusetts, large blue-silver distributor Reyes Holdings issued a memo to its employees and suppliers declaring that Reyes has a "duty to respect and abide by the laws, rules, and regulations of the states and other jurisdictions in which we operate."  
[Ed. Note:  The Sheehans have until next Wednesday, March 2, to decide whether to stop operations, which is unlikely, or pay the fine which is equal of 50% of the gross profits over the 90 day period].  
Pointing out that all beer distributors hold both state and federal licenses, Reyes reiterates that these licenses "is a not a right, but rather a privilege, which privilege is conditioned on operating within the law."  
Also acknowledging that these type of shenanigans are more widespread than just in Massachusetts, and that there is often tremendous "pressure from your customers, or even our suppliers, to engage in such activity," Reyes stresses that its employees "will have the full support of RBG in your commitment to honor the law."  
In conclusion, Reyes anticipates, and even hopes, "that other statet agencies will follow the lead of the Massachusetts ABCC in penalizing illegal activity.  If and when this happens, we are confident that RBG will be on the right side of the law."  Here here. Beer Business Daily
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  • February 25, 2016