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Today, Reyes Beverage Group announced it has acquired the assets of Windy City Distribution Company.

Windy City Distribution represents over 40 craft breweries and artisan Cider Companies in Chicago and across 8 counties in northern Illinois. Reyes Beverage Group will operate this business, independent of Chicago Beverage Systems and its other distributorships, as Windy City Distributing, L.L.C. effective immediately. Bob Collins joins Reyes Beverage Group as the President of Windy City Distributing, along with his current management team including Wes Phillips, maintaining a high-end craft beer portfolio sold by Certified Cicerone sales representatives.

Ray Guerin, Chief Operating Officer of Reyes Beverage Group, said, “Windy City Distributing will be a new entity in our network focused solely on the craft beer market. I look forward to working with Windy City to learn more about servicing the craft beer industry while providing Reyes Beverage Group’s expertise to help Windy City expand in this exciting and growing category of craft specialty beers.”

Bob Collins, President of Windy City Distribution Company said, “We have a great portfolio of specialty beers paired with the most beer passionate craft beer representatives in the industry while operating in one of the best craft beer markets in the country. We’re thrilled that joining Reyes Beverage Group as an independent operation provides continuity for our supplier partners, our customers and our culture while bolstering our operation with additional resources.”