Beverages to Spice Up Your Fall

Reyes Family of Businesses — 5 mins read

October 4, 2023

Fall themed brand products on orange background with fall leaves.

Spice up your fall with these new go-to flavors for Sunday kick-off, family gatherings and everything in between - all delivered by our Reyes Family of Businesses team.


Reyes Beverage Group:

  • VMC - Made with 100% blue agave tequila and natural flavors, VMC is a 5.5% ABV ready-to-drink cocktail that pays tribute to its roots in Mexico with three authentic flavors: Margarita, Paloma and Jamaica. *Available in select RBG markets

  • Trusted Friend Cocktails - Made with exclusively Kimo Mezcal, Trusted Friend Cocktails offer six award-winning flavors: Mezcal Margarita (Classic, Watermelon, Mango), Mezcal Old Fashioned, Mezcal Espresso Martini and Mezcal Cosmopolitan. *Available in select RBG markets

  • Mango Shotta - New from Sazerac Company, Mango Shotta is a mango jalapeño tequila shot inspired by the traditional Mexican "mangonada" recipe. This sweet and spicy tequila is 26% ABV. *Available in select RBG markets

  • ALB Vodka - This clean, balanced and versatile vodka hailing from Albany, NY is made with quality Upstate water. ALB is gluten-free, quadruple charcoal-filtered and 40% ABV. *Available in select RBG markets

  • Samuel Adams Octoberfest - Samuel Adams Octoberfest, a seasonal release, boasts a deep amber color reflective of its mildly sweet yet heartily hoppy flavor. 5.3% ABV

  • Allagash - Haunted House - Allagash’s Haunted House ® is a hoppy, dark ale with 6.6% ABV and features afternotes of bitter coffee and toasted malt. *Available in select RBG markets


Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling:

  • Coke Zero - Score big with our fall football packaging for Coke and Coke Zero, available for a limited time only. Whether you’re cheering in the stadium or from the comfort of your home, these iconic drinks will make every game day special. 

  • Fanta Halloween - Discover a thrilling new flavor while enjoying the festive spirit of the season with Fanta Halloween, a zero-sugar, black-colored soda that is bound to intrigue your taste buds. As the latest addition to the “What the Fanta” collection, Fanta Halloween is where flavor meets mystery.

  • Monster Ultra Sunrise - Fuel your vitality with every sip of Monster Ultra Sunrise’s crisp citrus blend. Zero sugar and low in calories, this beverage provides an energy boost with a light and refreshing flavor. Whether you’re chasing the dawn or staying up late, Monster Ultra Sunrise is here to power you through. After all, it’s always sunrise somewhere. 

  • Sprite Zero Sugar - This fall, stay refreshed and invigorated with the delicious citrus taste of Sprite Zero Sugar. With no added sugar and all the bubbly goodness that you love, Sprite Zero Sugar is the perfect companion for fall adventures.

  • Coke Y3000 - Journey into the flavor of the future with Coca-Cola Creations’ latest innovation, Coke Y3000. Crafted with the assistance of artificial intelligence, Coke Y3000 is unlike any other soda. Let the bold and inventive flavors of Coke Y3000 transport you to the taste of tomorrow to experience next-level refreshment. 

  • NOS Zero Sugar - The classic tropical twist of NOS Original is back in the new NOS Zero Sugar! Now, you can enjoy all the great taste of NOS Original without the sugar. This energy drink combines citrus with the refreshing notes of mango and passion fruit to fuel your day with exhilarating flavor.