Exciting Updates to the Martin Brower Brand

Martin Brower — 5 mins read

May 15, 2023

Martin Brower over deep blue overlay image of employees standing in front of a truck.

Effective today, May 15, 2023, Martin Brower is proud to announce their new logo and brand identity! This announcement comes on the first inaugural 'MB Day', a celebration that honors their journey, beginning in 1934, to the success they see today.

Watch a video commemorating the first annual MB Day below:

Martin Brower was founded 89 years ago as the Brower Paper Company before later joining with the Martin Paper Company to create the Martin-Brower Paper Company. After many successful years, in 1998 they joined the Reyes Family of Businesses as Martin Brower, marking Reyes Holdings' first venture outside of beverage distribution. Since then, Martin Brower has grown significantly to become a leading, global supply chain solutions provider for some of the world's most recognizable brands.

So why the change? The new logo, colors and accompanying visuals reflect the Martin Brower team's new strategic direction, bringing a fresh and modern look to the brand while still staying true to their roots. And the doppler pattern is a visual manifestation of the sound you hear when a truck passes - an homage the backbone of the Martin Brower business.

While a lot has changed over the years, the constant is our world-class team and the incredible culture we’ve built together.

CEO, Martin Brower

The new Martin Brower brand anthem:

To us, being a leader in supply chain is never just been about moving products or things. It's not about what happens when we accurately forecast the next order, when a warehouse is expertly turned in a day or when our intelligently routed truck arrives at your favorite restaurant. It's what comes next that drives us. The family meal together, enjoying an ice cream after the winning game, the first sip of a refreshing drink on a hot day.

When people ask us what we do, we tell them we connect people to the things that matter. We just happen to do so by being the leaders in supply. 

Martin Brower. We move the things that matter.

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