Splashy Summer Refreshments

Reyes Family of Businesses — 5 mins read

July 6, 2023

Summer themed beverage products in front of water and sailboat graphic

This summer make sure you're stocking your cooler with these new, innovative and refreshing beverages delivered by Reyes Beverage Group and Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling! No pool day or backyard hang is complete without sipping on a few of these ice-cold brands:


Reyes Beverage Group

  • Javi’s Ranch Water is made in Mexico with 100% Agave Tequila, sparkling water, and a hint of lime, grapefruit or watermelon. A beverage born to beat the high heat, this canned drink has 4.5% ABV and only 100 calories.

  • Enjoy a royally delicious cocktail in a ready-to-drink can with Crown Royal Peach Tea Canadian whisky cocktail. Featuring the signature smoothness of traditional Crown Royal Whisky combined with the sweet flavor of fresh peaches, this cocktail offers an effortlessly delicious way to relax or celebrate at 7% ABV.

  • Try Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn to enjoy a classic craft Golden style non-alcoholic beer. Refreshing, clean, balanced and light-bodied with subtle earthy and spicy notes and balanced with citrusy aromas. Brewed with premium Vienna Malt along with a combination of English and American hops and crafted to remove gluten.

  • Topo Chico Spirited is a ready-to-drink simple cocktail crafted with real ingredients and inspired by the beloved Topo Chico cocktails. Made with real tequila blanco or real distilled vodka as bartenders intended, these canned cocktails are expertly blended versions of the iconic Ranch Water, Paloma, and Chilton cocktails and clock in at 5.9% ABV and 130 calories per can.

  • The world’s first Triple Wave Filtered™ vodka collides with watermelon, peach, pineapple and dark cherry flavor delivering unrivaled taste refreshment with a smoother, superior finish. Best served cold, White Claw Vodka + Soda tastes like 3pm on a summer Friday. Each can is 4.5% ABV, 100 calories and only 2 grams of sugar.

  • Sierra Nevada Summerfest is a golden bright brew, balancing delicate yet complex malt alongside spicy, floral hops. Hints of lemon zest lead into a dry finish, and the sessionable 5% ABV invites another round on those endless summer days.


Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling

  • Sprite Lymonade Legacy: Sprite Lymonade Legacy is the ultimate summer thirst-quencher that combines the signature Sprite taste with the tanginess of lemonade, complemented by the refreshing essence of strawberries. Celebrate Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary with this limited-edition flavor, which brings to life the vibrant spirit that defines both Sprite and the iconic genre.

  • Coca-Cola Creations: Coca-Cola Ultimate: Coca-Cola Ultimate is here, the latest Coca-Cola Creations limited-edition flavor created in partnership with Riot Games’ League of Legends that combines the classic taste of Coca-Cola with a game-enhancing bold and fruity twist.

  • Reign Storm: Unleash the power within and gain a natural boost with Reign Storm, offered in a variety of fruit flavors like Valencia Orange and Harvest Grape that keep you cool and refreshed throughout the summer.  

  • BODYARMOR Sports Drink + POWERADE: Beat the summer heat and take your hydration to the next level with BODYARMOR and POWERADE. BODYARMOR's energizing fruit flavors are packed with potassium-rich electrolytes and antioxidants. POWERADE's upgraded formula offers 50% more electrolytes, along with added Vitamin C and B12, in both full-calorie and zero-calorie options.