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Employee Development at the Reyes Family of Businesses

Reyes Family of Businesses — 5 min read

July 27, 2022

Our employees are the heart of our business and investing in their well-being and personal development is one of our core values. We are focused on helping employees cultivate both personal and professional growth and offer a suite of internal company-developed opportunities to support that goal. Development opportunities range from professional instructor-led classes held in our facilities to $10,000 in annual educational reimbursement to on-demand virtual courses… and everything in between. Our business thrives when our employees thrive, and we are dedicated to growing together.


Our Career Development Journey Map above outlines the opportunities that are available to employees at each level of their career. This map works together with our enterprise core competencies and annual talent review cycle to create a comprehensive curriculum that empowers employees to take control of their career journey.

While we are constantly improving and modernizing our offerings, a few highlights from our career development suite include:

  • ReyesUP is a comprehensive six-month program for entry-level female leaders consisting of six modules to develop competent leaders and set them up for future success.

  • LEAP is a 5-day in-person or virtual course designed to build effective leaders at the Reyes Family of Businesses. All manager level+ employees are encouraged to complete the course.

  • ReyesXL is an executive leadership training program that helps equip existing executives with the leadership skills, style and mindset needed to excel.

  • Mind Tools is an on-demand library of career-related training resources available for all employees.

  • ReyesNetwork is a network across the Reyes Family of Businesses offering quarterly virtual events bringing in speakers and internal leader panels to discuss a variety of professional topics to inspire growth.

  • Our Core Competencies define success for employees in all our business units for their current and future employment level: Individual contributor/professional, supervisors/managers, directors and executives.

  • Our Educational Reimbursement program offers up to $10,000 in annual education reimbursement to eligible Reyes Family of Businesses employees that have been with the company at least one full year.

We are proud to offer this comprehensive list of development options to our employees. If you would like to learn more, we invite you to begin your journey forward with us.

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