Seasonal Beverages for Winter 2024

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January 23, 2024

This winter we have plenty of beverages to warm you up in frigid temps or cool you down after a day on the slopes. From new products to trusted classics, Reyes Beverage Group and Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling have you covered – learn more about a few of our winter seasonals below:


Reyes Beverage Group

New Belgium Accumulation IPA

  • With a powdery-soft body and a mountain of fruit-forward hops, this limited-time Hazy IPA is only available during our favorite time of year: SKI SEASON! Brewed with mosaic, Lotus, Strata, & El Dorado hops – this beer sits at 6.5% ABV and is perfectly paired with a session on the slopes.

Guinness 0.0

  • The Guinness with everything except the alcohol. Guinness 0.0 boasts the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavor and unique dark color of Guinness, just without the alcohol. There are just 17 calories and 3.8g of carbs per 100ml of Guinness 0.0.

Powder Day IPA

  • We started dry-hopping and things snowballed into a full-on Powder Day. This IPA is loaded with colossal volumes of lupulin powder — the tiny pods of pure flavor hidden inside hops — for a blizzard of citrus, mango, pineapple, and stone fruit. Powder Day pours a shimmery gold, capped by snowy foam, and boasts a 7.7% ABV. It’s only available through March, so now’s the time to leap waist-deep into hops.

Tip Top Espresso Martini

  • Good news: you haven’t traveled back to the ‘90s. Better news: the Espresso Martini is back. Ours is strong and smooth, with a hint of vanilla. It boasts a delicious complexity from our coffee pals at Counter Culture. This is a drink that keeps the party going—or starts one from scratch. Tip Top canned espresso martini have notes of roasted coffee and vanilla bean and are rich and smooth in flavor packing 22% alcohol in each 100 mL can.

Athletic Brewing All Out

  • All Out is our bold and daring stout-inspired non-alcoholic brew. It’s light but rich, smooth yet complex, and has a brazen flavor that never quits. It leads with notes of roasted nuts and dark coffee and finishes with a hint of semi-sweet chocolate. Velvety, nuanced, and meticulously crafted, it’s an adventure all its own just waiting to be enjoyed.

Traveller Whiskey

  • For this first-of-its-kind collaboration from Buffalo Trace Distillery, Traveller brings together the collective artistry of 8X Grammy Award-Winning Artist Chris Stapleton and Buffalo Trace Distillery Master Distiller, Harlen Wheatley. Complex aromas of vanilla, aged fruit and buttery shortbread rounded off by caramel and a touch of oak. The palate has just a touch of sweetness, followed by spice, toasted nut and oak flavors, with a robust finish. 45% ABV.


Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling


  • BODYARMOR kicked off 2024 with two new offerings - BODYARMOR Zero Sugar, which offers a blend of electrolytes with a light taste profile sweetened by Stevia and natural sweeteners, and BODYARMOR Flash I.V. formulated for rapid rehydration and added immune support from zinc and vitamins B and C.   

Reign Storm Citrus Zest and Guava Strawberry

  • Monster continues to innovate in the wellness category, kicking off 2024 with two new flavors of Reign Storm - Citrus Zest, a lightly sweetened, crisp blend of citrus fruits from Grapefruit to Orange, and Guava Strawberry, a light and easy pairing of both flavors.  

Monster Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red

  • Keep an eye out for Monster Ultra Ruby Red, a fresh grapefruit flavor that is light, citrusy, and easy to drink. This new Monster comes with an eye-catching design created by legendary artist Mark “Pinky” Taylor.  

Coca-Cola Spiced

  • Coke will soon add its boldest tasting innovation yet with Coca-Cola Spiced! Featuring a crisp raspberry spiced flavor, Coca-Cola Spiced will hit the market just in time for fans to enjoy during March Madness.

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